11 Fantastic Benefits of Having a Cat at Home

Cat owners have a better and healthier life in many ways – and also have higher intelligence than others, according to researchers.

Having pets can improve both health and social life, as well as create happiness and provide quality of life, as we already know. Research (Carroll University in Wisconsin) also shows that felines have higher intelligence; that people who are attracted to cats are more likely to have higher intelligence, as well as that they are more open-minded, dislike uniformity and are not people who turn their coats after the wind.

11 benefits of having a cat at home

If you have thought about it before, it may be time to strike now:

1. Gives love

Always having someone waiting for you at home, whether you are single or living with someone, is a special feeling. Who crawls into his arms when you sit on the couch and feel lonely or sad. Physical touch and warmth are a vital necessity for us to feel good as human beings. And the cat is always there for you, listening and spinning. Your cat notices if you are upset or low and does its best to show its support, and you do not even have to say anything. Unconditional love.

2. Better health

It is common knowledge that cats reduce stress and lower blood pressure in the people they live with. Many places that care for the sick and the elderly also use animal therapy nowadays. And according to a research study from the University of Minnesota, cat owners are 40 percent less likely to die of a heart attack than those who have never owned a cat. Other life-threatening cardiovascular diseases also seem to be less common among those living with cats. And another study by the Australian National Heart Foundation also showed that people who own pets, especially men, have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

3. Carpe diem

Capturing the day / moment and living in the present is something we often hear but is not always so easy to live by. Here, cats have a lot to teach us humans. They really know the art of lying and watching, sleeping and enjoying the here and now, no matter what is happening around them. A good reminder for us to take it easy from time to time. And who does not calm down from their spinning and kneading massage with the paws on one’s stomach?

4. Counteracts depression

According to studies, the levels of the lust hormone oxytocin increase when you pat and caress a cat, which stimulates our mental and physical health, and oxytocin is one of the body’s most important substances, it changes the entire nervous system and makes us switch to an anti-stress state. If you own a cat, you also have to feed, plan, take care of it in different ways and maybe even go out with it. And everything that involves routine, planning, taking responsibility helps to keep such things as sadness and depression at the necessary distance. Humans feel good about providing care and the cat makes us feel needed.

5. More laughter

Just as a cat counteracts depression, it also produces a lot of laughter. It is no coincidence that videos of animals, and especially cats, are so clicked online. Seeing these cute little animals make deadly mistakes when playing, chasing food or anything else is both fun and heartwarming.

6. Better for the environment

If you are considering getting a dog instead, it can be good to know that a medium-sized dog has a climate impact that is twice as large as a 4.6 liter Toyota Land Cruiser that drives 10,000 kilometers per year – calculated on the amount of meat intake. As a cat eats much less, they have a climate impact that is only equivalent to a small Volkswagen.

7. Saves money

If you are to compare with the animal that is most common instead of a cat, the dog, you save between SEK 2,400 and 6,400 by choosing a cat instead, usually even more. It is the American animal rights organization ASPCA that has calculated it. The dog is usually larger, eats more food and requires more toys, training and has higher veterinary costs.

8. Take care of themselves

Unlike both children and other pets, the cat is largely self-sufficient and extremely independent. They wash themselves, eat themselves, go to bed and can even entertain themselves. You do not need to get a cat sitter when you work, as long as they have water, food and a clean toilet to go to, however, according to the Animal Welfare Act, they may not be alone for more than 12 hours. You can also ask a neighbor or other friend to feed them, clean the box and play for a while if you are away for a long time. When you have been away during the day, they have probably slept and barely noticed that you have not even been home. In addition, they are good at keeping their food and water clean, unlike both dogs and children.

9. Can prevent allergies

According to a study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy, children exposed to fur animals before 6 months were less likely to develop allergic diseases, hay fever and eczema as they got older. It has also been shown that children who grow up on farms usually have stronger immune systems than other children. You can also look further back in time when we lived with animals on the farm, then there were no allergies at all – it is a modern ailment.

10. Counteracts loneliness

Having a cat at home removes all feelings of loneliness. Which you can feel regardless of whether you live alone or in a relationship. Despite the cat’s independence and autonomy, strong bonds are formed with each other. According to a Swiss study, so strong that one’s feelings can have the same equivalent as that in a love relationship with a partner.

11. Pest free

Last but not least, if you have a cat at home, you never have to worry about rats or mice. In addition, they are happy to take care of both flies, spiders and other insects as well. And who does not want a pest-free home?

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