4 Tips If Your Cat Still Pees Inside

If you have picked up an adult cat or a 12-week-old kitten, the cat is probably already room clean.

But even in the new home, the cat needs to learn to walk on the box.

Cats are clean animals so there are usually no problems, but here are some tips that can make it easier if your cat urinates inside.

Location of the litter box

When the cat walks on the box inside the box, it wants to fulfill its needs in peace and quiet, just like us humans. Keep this in mind when placing the box. Do not place it where a lot of people are running, but more privately. Also, make sure that the box is deep enough for your cat.

Cats want to bury their kiss and poop when they are done, and especially older cats usually need a deeper box. There are both open and closed litter boxes. Ask the staff at the pet store, so you get a box that fits your cat and your home.


As I said, cats take care of their hygiene, so it is important that you keep the litter box clean and fresh. If you use lump-forming cat litter, be sure to remove the lumps at least once a day.

If you would like to switch from one sand to another, do so gradually. All cat litter smells different, and therefore they may take a while for the cat to get used to the new sand.

If your cat urinates outside the box

If your cat urinates inside, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

This may be because there are too few litter boxes, that the cat is experiencing a strong stress of something or that the cat has a physical illness.

Urinary tract problems are relatively common in cats, so if your cat urinates outside the box, it is always a good idea to double-check with a veterinarian that the cat is completely healthy.

Cats like when the cat litter feels soft under the paws and some cats do not want to go on a box with pellets or too coarse-grained sand.

Ordinary places are instead blankets, piles of laundry, towels, bathroom rugs or other soft objects that they can paw in. So, if your cat pees outside the box, try different types of litter until you find a variety that your cat likes.

Teach the cat to walk on the litter box

If your cat urinates outside the box, it may be a good idea to try to teach the cat again by creating good habits.

To get your cat or kitten used to the box, you can lift it there and let it sniff around. A good tip is to always place the kitten in the box after it has eaten, this is usually when it needs to go. It is important to never punish a cat that makes a mistake. Just calmly say “no”, and lift it over to the box.

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