5 Things You Do That Secretly Irritate Your Cat

The cat is your best friend, your stuffed animal, your favorite in the whole world. You love each other dearly. But did you know that there are things you do that disturb your cat? Think about it the next time you take out your cell phone, for example.

Your cat is the most cuddly in the world. It usually sleeps, sometimes plays and is generally cute. Sometimes it runs and mischief and quite often shows that it does not want to be disturbed. Cats are pretty determined that way. They clearly show what they want. But then there are things that we think the cats like and that we ourselves love but that actually irritate the cats and that they may not show.

Here are 5 things your cat probably hates about you.

1. Would you like to be carried as a baby if you were an adult?

No, I thought so. Your cat does not want that either. It likes to pick you up when you get home from work but most cats are actually not that fond of leaving the floor. This makes the cats a little insecure. When you hold it like a baby, they like it even less.

You may think it’s cute but you’re alone. Let it go for just a few seconds so the cat does not get stressed.

2. Imagine being constantly photographed

Is there anything you would like? If you get into your cat’s situation, it’s actually not that fun. If you use flash, the cat will be even more irritated. It is extra annoying if you take a toy and try to create an image that does not exist. A forced image with your cat can make him stressed.

3. How do you feel when someone is constantly staring at you?

Much like your cat. Very annoyed in other words. To stare at someone is for a cat the same as psyching someone out. If you look at a cat for too long, it thinks you are showing aggressive behavior and may walk on you. Worth avoiding.

4. To meow in front of your cat is to be imitated

Imagine if someone were to imitate you all the time. Every time you said something, that person said the same thing. So it is for a cat. Many people think it is some kind of communication but when a cat meows it wants something so when you meow the cat thinks you want something. And the cat has no idea what you want and gets annoyed. Not to recommend then.

5. If you were to get milk constantly how do you think you would feel?

Although we believe that cats like milk, it is the case that many cats are lactose intolerant, which makes the love of cats and milk a myth. In fact, they can get a stomach ache within 8-12 hours and not feel particularly well at all. How would you feel if you had to drink milk but were actually sensitive to lactose? Like your cat probably but you can at least say that. So skip the milk.

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