6 Simple Tips For New Cat Owners

New cat owner? Here you get tips and advice on some things you should keep in mind for your tax to feel good.

1. Transport cage

Use a transport cage for car transport. It is the safest for both you and the cat. Transport cages can be found in pet stores and supermarkets, buy one before you get your cat home.

2. Claw board

Arrange a claw board for the cat, otherwise it will soon appear on your furniture and walls. Many people carpent their own claw boards and climbing trees – wood is cheap to buy. You can use either a piece of carpet, with a fairly small blanket or a rope that you spin around the future climbing tree.

3. Vaccination

Look for the cat’s vaccinations, you should vaccinate the cat against feline plague and feline cold once a year. Contact your veterinarian for more information. Do you have veterinary questions? Ask our veterinarians.

4. Deworming

You should deworm your cat regularly – there are a lot of different brands on the market. You should try different to find the variety that suits you and your cat. Deworming agents are available without a prescription at Apotek. Ask the staff if you are unsure.

5. Castration

Neuter the female cat if you do not intend to let it breed. The cat does not feel well from taking birth control pills for a long time or running without being allowed to mate.

Also neuter your male cat if you want to go outside freely. Unfortunately, there are too many unwanted cats. A male who is unchastrated and is not allowed to mate usually becomes stressed and urinates.

6. Activate your cat!

The kitten who has just moved away from his mother and siblings feels a little lonely, so it’s good if you can devote yourself to him and play with him. Ping pong balls, empty toilet rolls and leather mice are popular toys. The little cat can not play for long. Kittens need to sleep a lot.

It is not stupid to set up the transport box for “cat houses”. Bed with a blanket or a piece of wetbed (washable synthetic leather). If the box door can be removed, do so. Then there is no risk of the cat being trapped. The kitten likes to lie a little dark and safely cuddled in his “hut”.

Older cats like to choose sleeping areas with a view of the room. However, the best playmate for your cat is another cat, should you be away a lot during the day, you should get it a playmate.

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