6 Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat

Are you considering getting a cat?

How lovely! Being a cat owner is amazing in many ways.

But it is also something that requires both time and commitment. It can also cost some money.

Therefore, it is good to think through a number of things before choosing to buy a kitten or adopt an adult cat. Here we give you 7 useful tips before buying a cat!

Do you have the time required?

How much time do you spend at home?

This is one of the most important questions you should start by asking yourself.

Because even if the cat is not a herd animal that requires as much company as a dog, they do not want to spend their lives alone at home.

Do you have a suitable home?

How you live is also an important factor.

If you live in a very crowded or temporary area, it is better to wait with the cat purchase. Also, think about what kind of area you live in if you want to be able to let your cat out.

If you live close to large busy roads, the risk of the cat being hit is of course greater.

Can you afford it?

A cat costs money, whether you have got or bought a cat cheaply or if you choose a purebred cat – it costs a penny to have a cat every month.

A cat needs food, cat litter and various accessories such as a litter box, transport cage, climbing frame / claw board and toys.

Also keep in mind that it costs to have the cat insured and that any veterinary care may be needed.

Which cat breed should you choose?

Once you have decided to buy a cat, it is also wise to start thinking about what type of cat you want.

Is it a purebred cat or a mixed breed cat (usually called a domestic cat) that is at the top of the list?

The characteristics of a purebred cat have been bred for many years and are more often easier to predict than a mixture.

Mixed breed cats, however, rarely get genetic diseases or problems that breed cats can sometimes have.

In other words, there are both pros and cons to both options, so think about what factors are most important to you and your family

Which kitten should you choose?

When it’s time to buy a kitten, there are some things you should know to get a cat as healthy as possible.

Be sure to meet the kitten in the breeder’s home, so that you see that the cats come from a safe environment and feel good.

If the kittens seem healthy, it is also important to find out if:

  • The kitten is at least 12 weeks old before you pick it up
  • The kitten is dewormed, vaccinated and inspected by a veterinarian
  • The kitten has an ID tag, otherwise it may be time to do so

It can also be good to already take on what the kitten is used to eating and make sure that you give the same food in the beginning, even with you.

Then you can gradually switch to another feed if you wish.

Important! If the kittens or parents are sick or scared, cancel the purchase and look further.

Make sure your kitten is insured

An insurance policy for the cat should be taken out on the same day as you pick it up.

Also check with the breeder if the kitten has been insured with them.

If the cat becomes ill or has an accident, it is important to have insurance.

Good luck with your cat purchase!

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