6 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean – Even If You Have Pets

If you are a pet owner, you probably feel better than most. But the level of cleanliness in your home may leave something to be desired when your four-legged friend sheds fur, lies on the couch or pulls in sand.

Having a pet has many more good health effects. But there are still some disadvantages.

One of them is that the home becomes more messy with a four-legged friend in the household. So in addition to combing long-haired animals often and investing in a good vacuum cleaner that sucks up all the fur, there are other easy ways to keep the home in check.

1. Wash your four-legged friend

If the dog has come home with basically all the sand from the Sahara in the coat, the easiest solution is to rinse it off quickly in the shower.

Bring out the cat shampoo if your four-pawed friend has found a nice hiding place under a car and is really oily in the coat.

But it is not wrong to make it a habit to bathe the dog or cat at regular intervals. If your pet does not appreciate the hair dryer, be sure to keep it in a room or confined area while the coat dries, so that you do not get wet cushions or paw prints throughout the house.

2. Replace sofa

If your dog or cat likes to lie on the sofa, it may be high time to change the sofa. If you have light materials in the sofa, it will in all probability not be so light for a long time and if it is dressed in the wrong material, it is difficult to brush clean from cat and dog hair. And if the fabric is too thin, it will definitely not stand up to the cat’s trials…

3. Make a cleaning corner for the cat or dog

If you have a utility room, it is the ultimate place to clean a dog or cat that always brings sand, twigs and mud home in its fur. If you do not have a utility room, then the hall is the best place. Get a proper doormat, hang your pet’s towel nearby, a spray bottle of water with which you can clean muddy paws and stomachs, and any combs and brushes. Don’t forget to have some reward candy nearby too!

If you have a cat, place a rubbish set near the litter box so it is quick and easy to sweep up the cat litter that ends up outside.

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4. Wash beds, blankets and toys

Make it a habit to wash your dog or cat’s beds and blankets at regular intervals, first check which ones can be run in the washing machine and which ones must be washed by hand.

If you are a dog owner, make it easy for yourself by buying a dog bed that is easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

5. Buy the right detergent

You can best clean the cat’s box with an enzyme-based cleaning agent that removes the pungent odor or with all-purpose cleaning with citrus scent. You can also try to have some baking soda in the cat sand, it is harmless to the cat and should neutralize the smell.

Even if your dog or cat is room clean, it still happens that accidents do occur, and if it does happen for such occasions, have a spray bottle with soap or other cleaning agent so that you can easily clean after your pet. If the accident occurs on a stuffed material, such as a blanket or garment, pre-treat it (if the material allows) with a little vinegar before driving it into the machine. If the fabric is not machine washable, treat the stain with a mixture of one third of vinegar and two parts of water, allow to dry and repeat after a few minutes to get rid of the odor.

6. Air!

The dog smell or smell of a cat coming in from a rainstorm easily disappears through a little airing. After 10 minutes, the smell is almost gone!

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