7 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Does your cat have a hard time leaving the flowers alone? Unfortunately, some plants can be toxic to our curious pets.

Here we list 7 beautiful indoor plants that are completely harmless to cats – and spice up the home!

Many cats like to play with or chew on plants, especially if they do not stay outside regularly. Some cut flowers and houseplants contain irritating plant sap that can make our four-legged family members sick, depending on how much they ingest.

Many cat owners know that lily plants are extremely poisonous – but there are also common houseplants, such as ivy and monstera, that should be avoided in homes with curious cats. It is not always easy to keep track of which plants in the home can be harmful to the animals.

Make a habit of checking out every plant that is within the reach of the cat.

Cat grass – easy to grow yourself

Here we list seven potted plants that the cat can tolerate, which are also suitable as a gift for friends with a cat. And why not give the cat its very own pot of cat grass? It is easy to find in a store or grow yourself and good for the cat’s digestion.

Just make sure to set the cat grass apart from the other plants you want in peace.

Elephant ear – perfect for the beginner

Elephant ear or parasol pilea (Pilea peperomioides) has round characteristic leaves that are usually resembling saucers. It requires no green fingers, thrives in a semi-shady position and with a little luck it can have small white flowers in April-July. A fun plant, which is also harmless to both cat and dog. This is how you take best care of your elephant ear.

Palette leaf – adds color to the home

Palette leaves (Plectranthus scutellarioides) have become incredibly popular in recent years, are easy to obtain and come in a plethora of varieties. The color of the leaves varies according to the amount of sunlight, and can be anything from white to deep burgundy. It grows quickly and can be shaped to your liking. In addition, it is perfect for cutting.

Kalatea – one of this year’s trend plants

Kalatea (Calathea) is an easy-care year-round plant with decorative leaves that come in several beautiful varieties. It grows wild in the rainforest and can grow several meters high there. Bonus: It is also one of the trendiest plants of the year!

Lily of the valley – purifies the air

Lily of the valley (Chlorophytum comosum) is as durable as a wardrobe flower, and should not be confused with other lily plants that are very toxic to cats. It can also help clean the air in the bedroom, and is preferably hung in a lamp. Good for both cat and human, then!

Bromeliaceae – thrives in the bathroom

The tropical plant bromeliaceae is related to pineapple and thrives excellently in slightly humid air, for example in bathrooms. It gets wonderfully colorful flowers and does not even need sunlight, a lamp works well.

Orchid – perfect gift flower

The beautiful orchid (Orchidea) is usually not one of the most easy-care houseplants, and it does not like cold or direct sunlight. But it is completely harmless to the cat and a perfect gift flower. Does it drop its flowers and look tired? Do not throw it away! This is how you make your orchids bloom again.

November cactus – instead of Christmas rose

November cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) is a common and easy-care cactus plant that also contributes to the indoor environment as an air purifier. As the name suggests, it has its peak season when it gets dark and cold, and is a good alternative to other winter flowers such as amaryllis and Christmas rose, which are toxic to cats. This is how you make the November cactus bloom year after year!

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