7 Tips for Activating an Unstimulated Indoor Cat

An indoor cat usually lives a safer life than an outdoor cat. But long, lazy days can be unstimulating in the long run and the risk is that the cat will eventually come loose on the living room sofa. The Cat Advisor shares seven tips on how to help your cat get an outlet for its energy.

1. Hide the keys – for cats

Keys are by no means a favorite toy for ordinary cats, but it works great to adapt the game to what your cat likes best. Hide treats and favorite toys around the home and do not use the places your cat is already in – think outside the box! Feel free to tip with catnip to trigger the sense of smell and the desire to discover.

2. Green paws

Most cat owners have in one way or another become aware of cats’ predilection for houseplants.

If the leaves have not been nibbled at the edge by sharp little spikes, your four-legged friend has had a boxing match with Gerberan.

Then why not fix your very own cat discount?

Cat grass is something that many cats like and is fun to both play with and taste. In addition, it counteracts hairball problems and helps digestion.

Grow yourself or buy ready-made – easy as a lawn!

3. A place in the sun

A classic claw tree is good for sharpening its claws, but can also have other smart functions, such as a good reconnaissance site. Cats like to keep track of their surroundings, maybe your cat shows a certain predilection for a certain window?

Then make sure that the window locks work as they should and nest on the window sill and make it the cat’s own lookout post.

Do you live in an apartment or do you have a glazing?

Net the balcony or glazing and let the cat have access to exciting reconnaissance missions and fresh air all day long.

4. Think new old

Beeping plush mice, structure balls and ball of yarn. Many cat owners have cat toys that the cat has long lost interest in, then it is time to clear away everything except those who are the main favorites at the moment. After a month or so, it’s time to pick up some of the discarded toys again, and voilà: Oldies are goldies.

5. Let the forest move in

Out in nature, there are always fun things to smell and look at and it is in constant motion. By comparison, the indoor environment can easily be perceived as static.

Try changing your home to trigger your cat’s curiosity.

In an apartment, you can recreate the feeling of climbing a tree by getting a high claw piece of furniture with several different ledges.

Does the cat prefer to sharpen its claws on wallpaper or on the living room sofa?

Sprinkle or spray catnip on the claw furniture to attract the cat to the new “tree”.

6. Spend time together

No matter what your cat likes to do, you are one of the absolute favorites. Therefore, make sure to spend time with your cat.

Of course through cuddles and cuddles, but try to also get stimulation in everyday life.

Let the laser pointer warm up while you sit on the TV couch or why not try some cat agility?

Entice with sweets and teach your cat some fun tricks, it strengthens your relationship and your cat’s intellect and curiosity.

7. Get a cat buddy

Do you find it difficult to activate your indoor cat as you would like?

Then it may be time to consider getting a friend for your cat so they can keep each other company and play together.

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