7 Tips for Activating & Exercising Your Cat

Exercise lowers blood sugar in the blood and the cat and dog can lose weight.

Introducing 10 minutes of exercise daily can make a difference in blood sugar levels, which is especially important if your cat has diabetes.

It is easier to increase exercise for your dog.

When you exercise your cat, you have to have imagination. For example, you can let the cat work to get the food.

Here are some tips on how to activate your cat and can make your cat lose weight.

  • Place a portion of food high up, for example on a climbing tree. Climbing trees are a great way to increase the activation of your cat. Clawing on claw boards that are often built into larger climbing trees, makes the cat work with its muscles.
  • You can put a portion of the food in an activation ball. However, you need to check with your veterinarian that your cat does not also have osteoarthritis and therefore has a harder time climbing to gain access to food. There are also activation toys that you can try to get your cat to move more with play.
  • A toy with a moving laser point that moves for a few minutes is irresistible to most cats.
    With prisms that play in the sunlight, you can also increase the activation of your cat. You can hang prisms in the window and let the sun cats make your cat play. You can also get the same effect if you play with a mirror.
  • Toys with catnip evoke the cat’s natural playfulness. There are toys that contain mint and you can also spray cat mint and add the scent to your cat’s toys.
  • Vary the toys – cats are curious animals and like toys with different sounds, different surfaces.
    If you have an indoor cat, start getting it used to the harness and take it for short walks.

Exercise for diabetes

Exercise for a cat and dog with diabetes is very important. The daily exercise helps to keep the cat’s blood sugar levels down.

The exercise tips above are also suitable for cats with diabetes. NOTE if an indoor cat with diabetes suddenly becomes an outdoor cat, there is a risk that the cat will have insulin sensation, which can be serious. Therefore, do not make rapid changes in the exercise but change gradually.

It is good with regular low-intensity exercise. If you have an outdoor cat that has diabetes mellitus, it should continue to be allowed to go outside, exercise is good for them. It is important that the diabetes cat comes home overnight so you can medicate the cat morning and evening.

If you have a cat that is usually away for several days in a row, you have to think about letting the cat become an indoor cat. These cats are not suitable for treatment for diabetes, but before starting treatment, you must consider whether you can prevent this.

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