7 Tips on How to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

A cat’s normal fluid requirement is 50 ml / kg body weight and day. It is important to maintain an even fluid balance and cats who drink too little risk having problems with kidney damage and constipation.

Does your cat ingest too little fluid? Here are 7 simple tips and advice on how to get your cat to drink more water.

  1. Separate the food and water bowls. As a rule, cats do not want to drink in the same place as they eat. This is because they want to avoid spending time with their prey, which in this case is the food bowl. If you separate the bowls at least 1.5 meters, it usually gives the cat more peace to drink properly and get the right amount of water. It is good if the water bowl is not close to the litter box either.
  2. Put out several bowls in different places at home and also outdoors, if the cat is an outdoor cat.
  3. Keep the water in a bowl with a wide diameter, so that the cat does not have to stick its head into the bowl and hit the whiskers – they do not like that.
  4. Try different types of water bowls. Some cats do not like either plastic bowls or metal bowls, as it can add flavor to the water. Glass and porcelain bowls can then work better.
  5. Mix the cat’s food with a little water. This can be done with both dry and soft food.
  6. Running water can be a little more exciting to drink. Try to see if the cat wants to drink from the tap or try a water fountain.
  7. Change the water and clean the bowl every day.

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