How often should I feed my cat?

There is no quick and easy way to answer how often a particular cat or kitten should be fed then age and relative health, as well as how many cats you have, what your home looks like, and the type of food you offer, all play a big role in how the feed should be … Read more

Why do cats hate water?

Before we get into the reasons why cats do not like water, it is worth saying that not all cats like to get wet. Many believe that certain races, e.g. bengal and turkish van, show more interest in water, and can sometimes even enjoy a hot bath. With that said, it is quite clear that … Read more

Why do all cats love catnip?

Catnip is a plant that belongs to the genus Nepta. If you see your cat rolling around, drooling profusely and acting as if he were hypnotized, it is likely that he has found catnip. No one fully understands why cats love catnip so much, but the main theory is that the active chemical compound (nepetaloctone) … Read more

Why do cats play with prey?

Cats are really super cute and cuddly animals, but are not completely fooled by their friendly appearance. Cats can be turned into unforgivable hunting machines and hunt rodents until they catch and can kill them. Sometimes you will see your cat play with its prey before giving the lethal bite. There are a couple of … Read more

Why do cats need so much sleep?

If you have a cat or have had cats before, you know that they spend most of their day sleeping. This does not mean that you have a lazy cat, this behavior is completely natural. Wild cats sleep en masse to retain their energy, so they are alert and ready to hunt when given the … Read more

Is my female cat Simba pregnant?

She may well be pregnant, even if the breeder has not observed anything. Many females have over time come home with the message “Nothing has happened!” and born according to plan after a while. She can of course also be imaginary pregnant, but if she has grown two cm. around life, I am almost certain, … Read more

Is my female cat pregnant?

It is not always, you can feel or see it on the stomach if your cat is pregnant. As far as my calculator can calculate, she is also only in the third-fourth week, if she is mated in the maturity, you have observed, and often you do not start to be able to see an … Read more

Is my cat pregnant?

Hey Andy! Of course it is possible, although it is not so common that it happens so early. But if the male is also sexually mature (you should be able to smell it when he has peed, among other things), it is very possible that they have mated. In addition, the young female’s first maturity … Read more

Are all yellow cats males?

No, it is not true that all yellow (eg red or cream colored) cats are males. If the mother is turtle-colored and the father red or crème, there may be yellow females as well. For the males, it is enough that the mother is a turtle, red or crème.