Does Your Cat Drink and Urinate a Lot More Than Usual?

Does your cat have difficulty holding tight? Has it started peeing indoors?

Does it urinate more often and more than usual?

Or has it started drinking more than usual?

The fact that the cat drinks and urinates a lot is a common symptom in our cats and can be due to a number of different diseases.

Some are urinary tract infection, diabetes, uterine inflammation and kidney problems.

If you suspect that your cat is drinking or urinating abnormally, do not wait to contact a veterinarian.

The earlier you arrive, the better the chance that your animal will receive the best treatment at the right time.

Cats drink or urinate a lot are common symptoms of, for example, kidney disease and diabetes, but the symptoms can also occur in other disease states.

Some cancers can be manifested by symptoms such as increased thirst and urination, as well as decreased appetite, fatigue and constipation.

Be observant of whether your cat urinates more or more often than usual, “leaks urine” / shows incontinence, urinates indoors or drinks more than usual. These symptoms can also be a sign of a behavior disorder.

What can I do?

If you suspect that your cat is drinking or urinating more than normal, it is important that it always has free access to water. Otherwise there is a risk that the cat will suffer from dehydration.

When do I seek help?

Always make an appointment with a veterinarian if the cat drinks or urinates abnormally. It can be a symptom of a serious illness, even for an otherwise healthy animal.

Here you will find animal hospitals and animal clinics that can help you if your cat becomes ill.

Before veterinary visits

Sometimes the vet wants to know how much the cat drinks in a day. Pour a liter of water into a bowl. Measure and record how much water is consumed in one day.

Feel free to bring a urine sample. It usually works well if you use non-absorbable cat litter. There are also urine sampling kits to buy at your veterinarian / veterinary clinic.

What does the vet do if the cat drinks and urinates a lot?

Often, based on an examination of your cat and a review of its history, the veterinarian can find possible diagnoses as to why your animal urinates or drinks a lot.

In connection with the examination, the urine sample you took, or urine samples taken at the visit, are taken and analyzed. At the clinic, the sample is often taken directly from the bladder with a syringe and needle. Among other things, you look at how concentrated the urine is, if it contains sugar, if there are signs of urinary stones or infection. For diagnosis, the urine sample usually needs to be analyzed in parallel with blood samples. The cat is often also examined with X-rays and / or ultrasounds.


Treatment is planned based on the disease in question. This can include, for example, special diets and medication for kidney disease, antibiotics for urinary tract infections, surgery for uterine inflammation and insulin treatment for diabetes. You may also need to make a follow-up visit to the vet with your cat. In the very few cases involving cancer, the treatment involves medicine, radiation and surgery depending on the form of cancer.

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