Fun Ways to Activate Your Overweight Cat

An overweight cat usually does not feel so well, in addition, there are a number of health aspects to take into account. But getting an already overweight cat to lose weight is not an easy match. In this article you can read about tips that are as fun for you as for your cat.

To be honest, how fun can it be to spend the whole day sleeping on the couch with a few short moves to the food bowl and the urinal as the only exercise?

The lack of activation and exercise is not only depressing for your cat, it can also cause overweight and obesity, which increases the risk of, for example, diabetes. And as you probably already know, an overweight cat is rarely a happy cat. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this.

Make your cat a happier and healthier cat by testing the tips below and finding your favorite!

Toys for cats

Perhaps the most classic way to get your cat moving. Try balls, laser pointers, toy mice, paper balls on a wire or other homemade creations. Unleash your creativity and let your cat decide what is the most fun. But do not forget to remove yarn and threads after play, as many cats like to eat on yarn and threads and they can get stuck in the cat’s gastrointestinal tract.

Hiding with the cat

Many cats like to crawl under and hide in things. For example, empty boxes and paper bags are perfect playgrounds. However, make sure that your cat can not get caught in handles or the like.

Agility for cats

No, agility is not just for dogs. It’s a fun activity for cats too, but you need to have a little patience. Start with short sessions, reward a lot and do not start with too many obstacles. Build your own agility course with obstacles with things you have at home. It can be a slalom obstacle, a seesaw or something to get through or jump on. Equip yourself with a piece of string or similar and some cat candy to encourage and you are ready to go!

Clicker training with the cat

A clicker is a small object with a button that emits a clicking sound when you press it. With the help of this, you can teach your cat almost anything. The most important thing is to first teach the cat that the “click” means that it has done something good and that a reward is on the way. Then it is only your imagination that sets the limits for if you want it to learn fun tricks, to sit or use a claw board instead of the sofa. For inspiration, there are many clips on, for example, Youtube to be inspired by.

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