Guide on Cat Food: How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

The cats are at the top of the food pyramid and are distinctly carnivorous, which means that they would never survive on a vegetable diet. Only meat can meet the cat’s special nutritional needs. During its evolution, the cat has developed a digestive system that can handle a diet rich in fat and protein, but with very few carbohydrates. Therefore, the cat has a short digestive tract and a very high energy requirement.

5 benefits of the right cat food

As I said, our cats are and remain carnivores and even though they spin, cuddle, are tame and cuddly, they originate from the wild cat and need meat in their diet. Most people know this, but does the meat have more good qualities than just being vital and what effect does it have on your cat’s well-being?

Below we have listed 5 good reasons to choose foods with a high meat content.

Strong immune system

With the right composition of high-quality cat food that contains a lot of meat, you give your cat the right conditions for a healthy body and a strong immune system. You can see this in the quality of the skin and fur, among other things. A cat normally sheds its fur a couple of times a year, but if you experience that the cat sheds a little all the time, there may be a lack of important nutrients that are only found in meat. The coat should be shiny and not smell bad. The skin should be supple and dandruff-free, and without a rash or eczema.

Smaller amount of feces in the litter box if the cat eats food with a high meat content

The amount of food that needs to pass through the digestive tract is small and without such things that the cat can not assimilate. In this way, there is less strain on the intestines and intestinal flora, so in other words, nutrient uptake works in a more efficient way.
Your cat gets better breath from eating lots of meat

Better breath

Dental health is also promoted if you adapt the food to the cat’s nutritional needs. Cats lack enzymes in their saliva, so the breakdown of nutrients does not start until the food has ended up in the stomach. The lack of enzymes in saliva contributes to poorer cleaning of the oral cavity, and if the food consists of a larger proportion of vegetables, they can contribute to plaque that eventually turns into tartar.

Improved urinary tract health

If the cat eats what it is designed for, the “treatment plant” is less stressed, ie certain internal organs and the urinary tract. The risk of your cat developing bladder problems in the form of, for example, urinary stones is reduced. The cat has a poorly developed thirst reflex and its kidneys can produce highly concentrated urine which allows it to save fluid. Therefore, it is very important that it has access to fresh, clean water. A normal-weight cat needs to drink about two decilitres per day. Feel free to place several water bowls in the home, so the cat is reminded to drink.

High meat content gives good taste

Cat food with a high meat content is liked by the cat. It is above all the smell of food that is decisive for whether the cat should like its food. Consider that cats have just under 500 taste buds, compared to us humans who have over 9000. Cats can not even feel the taste of sweet. Then it is easy to understand how important the smell is for the cat to like the food you serve.

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