How Can Feliway Pheromones Help Your Cat?

What are Feliway Fragrance Pheromones?

Feliway works through so-called fermons, which is a natural way to deal with behavioral problems in cats.

Many studies show how scent pheromones can help animals that have stress-caused problems. Pheromones are chemical signals that animals in the same species use to communicate with each other. Pheromones released by an individual can affect and change the behavior of another individual.

The most well-known pheromones are the sexual pheromones that are used by females when they want to signal to the males that they are running and then susceptible to mating. Pheromones can also be used to mark territories, scare attackers.

How does the animal perceive the pheromones in its environment?

Fermons are secreted into the air by an animal and they are detected by other individuals through a special organ located in the front part of the cat’s nasal cavity. In order for the cat to feel the pheromones, the animal pumps air (the cat flickers) into the so-called. Vomeronasala organet. When the cat then “feels” the pheromone, an unconscious change in behavior is triggered.

What is Feliway?

Feliway is a pheromone solution that is an artificial equivalent of the cat’s facial pheromones, which the cat uses to mark its territory. These fragrances create well-being and calm. In this way, Feliway can be used to help and calm the cat, as the cat tries to cope with challenging situations. You can treat or reduce the stress that the cat feels in connection with a change in its environment.

How to use Feliway spray

  1. Shake the bottle before use. Hold the bottle upright and spray at a distance of 10 cm
  2. Spray 2-8 pump strokes (depending on the size and situation of the surface).
  3. Wait 15 minutes for the alcohol in the solution to evaporate before introducing the cat to the sprayed area.
  4. Full effect remains for 2-5 hours, after which you top up with a new spray if necessary.

Important when using Feliway Spray:

  • Never spray on the cat
  • Each spray bottle (60 ml) is enough for about 400 pump strokes (+/- 50 pcs)
  • Feliway spray should be stored at room temperature (not sun-warmed car)
  • Feliway does not usually discolor furniture or fixtures, but we recommend that you first test on a sample.
  • In the case of a behavioral problem, it is important to also look for the cause of the problem and primarily improve / change the environment for the cat. Along with changes in the cat’s immediate environment, Feliway can help you solve your cat’s problems.
  • Many behavioral problems can be caused by illness. Contact your veterinarian to rule out that your cat’s behavior is caused by an illness.
  • Feliway can be used with other supplements, herbal medicines and medicines
  • If necessary, supplement Feliway spray with Feliway fragrance emitter to reduce the cat’s general stress level
  • In case of severe stress, Feliway may need to be supplemented with other sedatives such as zylkene sedative supplements or prescription drugs. However, try first using Feliway which is natural and then discuss with your veterinarian if further sedation may be needed. My experience is that when using Feliway you can reduce the use of other sedatives.
  • How to use Feliway Fragrance Sensor
  • Write the cap on the bottle
  • Screw the dispenser onto the bottle, tighten gently
  • Insert the fragrance emitter into an electrical wall socket. The bottle must be placed under the dispenser)

Important when using Feliway fragrance emitter:

  • Place the scent sensor in the room where the cat stays most
  • Place the fragrance emitter in a wall socket with completely free space above and with at least 50 cm of space on each side. Do not place under / behind furniture, window sills, curtains or next to protruding objects
  • A dispenser covers about 50-70 square meters
    The scent emitter gives full effect after 24 hours, so wait to expose the cats to the emitter until it has been allowed to spread some soothing pheromones first. I had a breeder with a cat who went straight in and marked the area on the dispenser.
  • A refill lasts about 4 weeks
  • A fragrance emitter must be switched on continuously during all hours of the day to keep the saturation of pheromones in the room constant.
    Feliway is developed for cats and is completely odorless for humans. It has no sedative effect and does not affect other animal species.

What unwanted behaviors can Feliway help / prevent?

Cats are opposed to dogs in territorial animals and they exhibit specific behaviors based on the management of their territory. Not until they feel safe in their immediate environment can they create social contacts with their owners and other animals.

Here are some unwanted behaviors & stressful situations where Feliway can help against:

  • Fear
  • Moving to a new home
  • The first time you take the cat home
  • New addition of cats & other family members in the household
  • Scratch in unwanted places
  • Driving
  • Veterinary visit
  • Cats arguing
  • Several cats in the same household
  • Urine marking
  • At the cat boarding house
  • Renovation & refurnishing
  • Other diseases such as kidney failure, osteoarthritis, dementia

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