How Long Can a Cat Be Missing For?

The risk when you have an outdoor cat is that it suddenly does not come home as it usually does. It may take a few extra hours or even a couple of days before it comes home again.

If you are used to meeting your cat at a certain time of the day, the absence naturally creates anxiety and thoughts. Many cats do well for a few days and it does not have to be something serious that has happened.

Why does the cat not come home?

The cat can stay away from home for several different reasons. Unneutered male cats often have large territories that they also expand by competing with other cats. The larger the territory, the longer periods the cat can choose to be away.

Male cats that are not neutered are also attracted to running female cats. Keep in mind that according to the laws of many countries, unneutered cats must not be allowed to roam freely.

If the cat is neutered, it can be nice weather, good access to food outside and other things that make them linger outside for an extra long time. There are many who can tell how the cat has temporarily moved in with a neighbor.

Maybe it’s one of the neighbors who has an open cat door and food in front that the cat can access.

Then it will be tempting for the cat to go back there and even stay.

Has anything happened to the cat?

If you are unlucky, something has happened to the cat. It may have entered an outbuilding or other space and then not been able to get out. It may have hurt itself so that it does not want to or can not go back home. Some injured cats withdraw when they are unwell.

If you live in an area with traffic, they may have had an accident. The cat may have been frightened and climbed high up in a tree so that it does not come down. Read more about getting a cat down from a tree.

How to find a stray cat?

It is good to chip mark the cat. If it runs away and someone else finds it, it is easier to identify if it is marked with a tattoo or microchip. You must make sure to register the cat with all owner information so that you can get hold of the owner when you find the cat.

Have a little patience, shout at the cat and look for it in the immediate area.

Walk around to the neighbors and talk to them. Maybe they’ve seen the cat. Check out garages and outbuildings.

Ask for the cat with the help of social media and put up notes in the local area.

Read more about what to do if the cat has disappeared.

Hopefully the cat has just taken a slightly longer excursion and will soon appear outside your door again.

Have you found a stray cat?

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