How my cats and dogs became friends

It is said that some people like dogs, others like cats. But maybe you’re like me and prefer both? With well-thought-out strategies and good aids, we have managed to welcome two adoptive cats into our dog home.

This summer it was time for us to finally join the cat. We live in the country so I persuaded the family that cats are cozy family members and also effective mouse hunters. It went the way! Said and done – we adopted two homeless cats which felt like a matter of course.

When the cats moved in, we were careful not to let them meet the dogs at once. This is allowed to take time, was my strategy. If you live large and can rent part of the home to the dogs and another part to the cats, it is optimal, otherwise it is possible to delimit the areas or rooms with the help of dog gates or compost grids.

After a few days we took the cats away from the room for a while and let the dogs go in and sniff. The dogs were very curious about the cats’ scent. Taking it step by step and ensuring that the dog or dogs in the home do not feel de-prioritized is very important.

In the beginning, it was a real fuss every time the cats showed up for the dogs. What I think is most important is to be consistent when it comes to rules. Be clear about what applies, so that both cats and dogs know what is expected. If the rules only apply sometimes, it will be difficult for both dogs and cats to adapt.

Fortunately, there are lots of products that are very helpful. We have obtained high claw furniture where the cats can lie at the top and keep track of the position, both across the room and out the window.

If you live in a small area, there are instead claw shelves for wall mounting, where you can combine ordinary shelves with, for example, hammocks, claw rollers, bridges and hammocks for the cat. Building on the height is a good way to solve the lack of space and also the dog does not get to the cat.

Cats love crawling so a tip is also to get several cozy boxes and hiding places where the cat can seek protection if it feels crowded.

So a few months after my home was filled with the sound of paws from both cats and dogs, I can say that it is going really well – but it took time.

The other day I was met by both the dog and the cat on the kitchen floor. Both lay completely relaxed next to each other. That moment I did not think I would experience when it was at its toughest at the end of the summer.

Today my dogs and cats live freely in the house. I feel safe thanks to well-thought-out claw furniture and many cozy creeps where I know the cat thrives.

Good luck with your pets and have a wonderful spring!

How to welcome cat into the dog family

  1. Delimit the home in different areas intended for dogs and cats respectively.
  2. Take it step by step and let the dog come in and sniff in the room where the cats live.
  3. Take the help of tall claw furniture and cozy huts where the cats can lie undisturbed.
  4. Be patient and let it take time. For us, it took a few months, but now everyone moves freely in the home without restrictions.

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