How old does a cat get?

What can we do to prolong the life of cats and how old does a cat really get? Cats have long been a part of human life. The reason why people started taking care of cats is that they were good at keeping track of pests. Today, the cat is one of the most popular pets.

The cat is a fantastic pet that can give a lot of love and company! Cats age faster than humans. An old rule is that a human cat year corresponds to 7 cat years. This is of course not entirely true but can be good to know to understand the cat’s aging.

What affects the cat’s longevity?

Just like human life expectancy, the life expectancy of cats varies between individuals. The lifespan of a domestic cat is usually around 15 years, but there are cats that are over 20 years old. Unfortunately, there are cats that pass away much earlier than that. This is usually due to illness or accident. For an outdoor cat, these risks are significantly higher. Cats that are run over by cars are not uncommon. This risk is difficult to minimize as cats like to be out hunting at night, as they are difficult to detect by motorists. The risk of disease also increases, as the cat can get diseases from other cats. This applies in particular to sexually transmitted diseases.


Most people know that a person can prolong life by eating well and exercising. The same goes for cats. By feeding your cat good food that is natural for the cat, it will feel better and be better equipped against diseases. Read more about diet for the cat here.

Also keep in mind that just like humans, cats can be obese. This may depend on the type of food it receives but also that it eats too much. If the cat starts to gain weight, it can therefore be good to limit how much food it gets.

As we write in this article, cats have an easy time getting dehydrated. This is because they are used to getting a large part of the fluid they need through food. If the cat’s food consists mainly of dry food, it therefore needs to absorb water in some other way.

Because they are not used to drinking, they may need help understanding this. Of course, the best solution is to regularly feed the cat with wet food, but even a water fountain can help. A dehydrated cat can suffer from various diseases, but constipation can also be a problem.


Hygiene is another important parameter for the cat. Although the cat is a very clean animal that keeps its fur clean, it needs help keeping certain areas clean such as the feeding area and the litter box. Food and water bowls need to be washed regularly to avoid bacteria. The litter box also needs to be inspected daily to keep it fresh and safe.

Common diseases in older cats

Like humans, cats can suffer from age-related diseases.

The 10 most common diseases and injuries among older cats:

  1. Hyperthyroidism
  2. Aneroxia
  3. Kidney disease
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Diabetes
  6. Traumatic injuries
  7. Urinary tract disease
  8. Thirst or increased urination
  9. Skin rash
  10. Skin tumors

Things to think about when your cat gets older

If you take good care of your cat, it will probably live longer. However, your cat may not live forever and will eventually run out of time. When the cat begins to grow old, there are things to do to make life easier for it. It gets harder to move and may need a stool to get to a certain area of ​​the home. The older cat also sleeps more and it can therefore be good that he has a place in the home where it can sleep more undisturbed.

Older cats can often hear worse and are therefore more likely to stay at home as they cannot hear when other animals are approaching.

To know how your cat is feeling and to detect diseases in time, it can be good to do a veterinary examination. If the cat should have any disease, you can start a possible treatment early and in this way significantly increase the chances for the cat to have a long and good life.

Take care of your cat

With a little common sense and research on the cat’s needs, you and your cat will have many wonderful years together.

Remember to always consult your veterinarian if the cat has any problems.

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