How to Choose a Kitten from a Litter

You have now decided that you are going to get a kitten, and then you need to know what to look for when choosing one from a litter.


The best thing to start with is to meet the parents.

Many breeders have both the mother and the father present, but you should at least get to meet the mother. If the breeder comes up with excuses as to why you can not meet the mother, you should be hesitant, and it is better to choose another breeder.

By meeting the parents, you can get an idea of ​​how your kitten will be as an adult. If the mother is afraid of, or dislikes, people, it is likely that she will transmit these feelings to her young during the first weeks of their lives.


Kittens learn a lot during the first weeks of life. The mother will keep them clean and show them how to wash themselves. Kittens that are forced to leave their mother and siblings prematurely will be worried when they come to a new home.

They will also probably not have learned how to behave, which can cause problems for both cat and owner.

The perfect time for a kitten to leave its mother is often discussed in cat circles, but as long as the kitten is at least 8 weeks, preferably 9 weeks old, he should be able to cope with the change from one home to another well.


Choosing a kitten with a good personality is very important. The best way is to choose the kitten that seems most interested in meeting you. Also look for someone who is confident and plays with his siblings.

Things to watch out for are kittens who seem overly aggressive towards their peers, or who are very shy and withdrawn.

Early socialization

The best kitten is a kitten who has already met many different people and animals before you bring him home.

If you have small children or dogs, it is perfect if the breeder also has it. This means that when your new kitten meets your children or your dog (if you have them), he will not be stressed and scared.


Regardless of who the breeder is, it is important to take your kitten to the vet as soon as possible. However, there are some quick things you can do yourself to make sure your kitten is healthy when you buy him.

  • Eyes – Make sure the kitten’s eyes are clear, bright and without any secretion. They must be completely open. You should also make sure that he can follow your hand with his eyes.
  • Nose – The nose should be nice and clean without any string, dryness or blood.
  • Ears – Clean ears are a sign of a healthy cat. Check for rash or clear itching.
  • Mouth – A healthy kitten should have pink gums with white, straight teeth.
  • Jaw – Look at the kitten’s back for matted fur or signs that he is sore.
  • Body – Look for a symmetrical body shape without any swelling. Knots, bumps or dry areas without fur are signs of a sick kitten.
  • Food – If possible, visit the kitten when she is eating so you can see if she has a good appetite. If this is not possible, ask the breeder what and how much he eats.

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