How to Enrich the Cat’s Indoor Environment

There is really no such thing as an indoor cat. All cats are meant to be out in the wild, they are instinctive predators who should have the opportunity to hunt, climb, run, search, claw, mark territory, be at high altitudes, sneak, sleep, jump etc. Unfortunately, there are many who do not have the opportunity to let their cat out outdoors, which means that the cats can only be indoors, it is then important that you enrich that environment for the cat. But even for a cat that lives outdoors, it is important that the indoor environment is also satisfactory and safe.

That the cat does not feel bad about what it has not experienced is not true, it is an instinctive animal and it is in the genes everything that is above what the cat needs. It is important that the cat feels safe at home in its “core”, its core environment directly translated. The more you can imitate the outdoor environment for your cat indoors, the safer and more satisfied the cat will feel.


Cats are predators. The fact that the cat gets its food served from one and the same food bowl that is in the same place day in and day out, means that we take away from the main task the cat has; to hunt. The food bowl should not be next to the water bowl or near a litter box. Cats do not eat, drink or sleep in the same place as their toilet. Have several food bowls for your cat, in several different places. At different heights, in the climbing frame, on the windowsill, under the sofa or on a shelf for example. Use an empty toilet roll and put the food inside so the cat has to fight a little to get the food out, this provided you give dry food. You can also use food balls as a good way to feed your cat. It is important that you first show your cat the new eating places so that it does not stand and wait in front of its food bowl, the cat is also a habitual animal, but then it will understand.

Water sources

Do not place the water bowls near the food bowls. In the wild, cats do not drink and eat in the same place. If you make drinking an activation, you can also stimulate your cat to drink more. Feel free to have several different water bowls and water sources for your cat. Use an ordinary water jug, a water glass, deep bowls, shallow bowls, water fountains, etc.

The litter box

There should be at least two litter boxes per cat. These should not be next to each other, there should always be a vacant litter box, if you have several floors, there should be at least one litter box per floor. It is important to use only a soft, fine-grained, perfume-free cat litter for your cat’s litter box. Pellets, stones, crystals hurt the cat’s pads and are not natural for the cat to stand on. If your cat pees or poops outside the box, stands on the edge of the box, or similar, it probably does not like the surface or where the cat box is located. Make sure the litter box is large, preferably without a roof so the cat can stand straight and stretch inside. The drawer should be in a quiet and safe place, but it should still be easily accessible. If you have an older cat or kitten, it can be good to have a ramp to the box so that it does not have to step over any high edge.

Itching possibilities

Cats are territory-marking animals and feel safer in their environment when they are given the opportunity to claw and thereby mark their territory. It is extra important to have a claw board mounted on the wall at all the different entrances to the home. In the hall, by the balcony door and the patio door, where different new scents come in every day. Then there should be at least one claw board or climbing frame in each room. There are many nice and good climbing positions now with lots of different claw options for the cat. Be sure to place the claw boards high enough on the wall so that the cat can really stretch when they claw. Cats claw mostly to mark their territory, but also to a small extent to trim their claws.


Large parts of the cat’s day are spent sleeping or resting. The cat should have many different sleeping places, undisturbed from other animals, children and other things. Have sleeping places under the sofa, on top of the wardrobe, in the climbing frame, on the sofa, on shelves, by a window so the cat can look out, etc. Make sure that the sleeping places are far from the litter boxes.


With the help of having adapted the environment as above, fairly simple measures, the cat gets natural enrichments when it eats, drinks, claws and rests. Cat grass is a good activation. It is important that the cat has access to fresh air, preferably with a window open when you are at home, and with a latch so the window cannot be opened. Feel free to net in the balcony so that the cat can be out there and feel fresh winds and have a view of its environment. There are plenty of toys for your cat, often play with your cat to keep the cat’s hunting instincts going.

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