Keep This In Mind Before Releasing Your Outdoor Cat

When you expand the family with a cat, the best thing to do is to keep it indoors at first, so that it can get to know the home and learn where it lives. Should your cat become an outdoor cat? Think about this before you release it.

All cats that move to a new home should be kept indoors for the first time. In this way, they can get to know the home in peace and quiet and learn where they live. You who live in the countryside and intend to have your cat as an outdoor cat then wisely introduce the world outside the door slowly. Do not let the cat wind for wave from one day to the next – outdoors, after all, many dangers lurk for a cat that is young or above.

Start with leash walks

A good way to get the cat used to being outdoors is to take it on a leash walk. Start by training the cat by putting on that harness indoors a little now and then. Do not be surprised if the cat the first few times the harness goes on crawls along the floor, backs up and has other strange things to do. It will pass. Once it gets used to the harness, you can start with short walks in the garden and in the immediate area. Let the cat decide the path and give it time to sit and look in peace. In this way, your new family member will hopefully learn to find in your local area before you release it on your own paw.

Checklist for outdoor cats

If you have your cat as an outdoor cat, it is important that you take your responsibility as a cat owner. The cat should be neutered, ID marked and vaccinated before you release it. Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind:

  • ID tag your cat
  • Make sure your cat is vaccinated
  • Do not release a female running or an unneutered male cat
  • Protect your cat from ticks
  • Feel free to wear a necklace with a quick buckle, reflectors and your telephone number

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