Letting two cats meet for the first time

Introducing a second cat to your home is very exciting, and it can be fascinating to see how cats interact when they meet for the first time. Letting cats meet each other can sometimes be tricky, but there are some things you can do to make it as easy as possible.

The separation phase

Keep your cats separate and let the new cat get used to the room. You want both cats to hear each other and smell each other’s before they meet face to face. You can do this by feeding them on different sides of the door to the room, and by changing their beds regularly.

Visual contact

If your cats seem okay with smelling and hearing each other through the door without hissing or spitting, you can start letting them see each other. Some kind of barrier that they can both see through is best. A glass door is perfect, but a travel cage also works.

If you use travel cages, put both cats in their cage, lock the door and place them directly opposite each other. You want to be sure that they can see each other, but that they also have the opportunity to turn around.

The goal here is to see how the cats react to each other. If your cats do not rustle, they may be ready to meet for real.

Full contact

You can now let your cats meet each other under supervision. When introducing a new cat, it is common for them to fret and try to avoid each other, so do not worry if this happens. Make sure there is an escape route out of the room if any of the cats become frightened or aggressive.

Tips for kittens

The first encounter will probably be much easier when it is a kitten being introduced to an older cat. The adult cat will instinctively know that he is hitting a baby, and is less likely to become aggressive.

If you want to let two kittens from different litters meet, it is also usually quite easy because they are usually happy for a playmate who can succeed their siblings.

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