New Year’s Eve: Minimizing Your Cat’s Stress

Most cats are generally affected by fireworks around New Year. Some cats deal with it by hiding when it’s on, while others are very affected and have persistent anxiety. Very often it is the combination of sound and light from the fireworks that the cat experiences is dangerous.

Anxiety in cats

Cats can show several symptoms of anxiety, for example by:

  • Hide and do not want to leave the hiding place
  • Do not want to go outside if it is an outdoor cat
  • Urine and stool marking outside the box
  • Decreased or no appetite at all
  • Shaking
  • Sneaks around, preferably along the walls with a lowered tail
  • Behavioral changes, scared and / or aggressive tendencies

Help the cat through the New Year’s celebrations

There are many types of anti-anxiety drugs in the form of tablets, capsules, necklaces or sprays on the market, several of which have proven efficacy. They do not require a prescription and can be bought at your AniCura clinic, among other places. The treatment should usually start 2-4 weeks before the new year, and therefore it is important that you contact your clinic well in advance.

For the extremely anxious cat, prescription drugs may be necessary. The veterinarian can then print a prescription after the previous health check.

The cat’s environment

As a pet owner, you can help the cat through the days. A couple of days before the New Year, you can make a small dark hole in a place that is safe for the cat. It can, for example, be in a cupboard, under the bed or in the utility room.

Feel free to place food, water and the litter box within easy reach. Even if your cat normally takes care of its needs outdoors, it is important that it now also has access to a box indoors. If possible, darken the room and have a radio on, this filters the sounds of the fireworks.

Preferably keep your cat indoors during the days around New Year, many cats flee the home around New Year to great danger to themselves. If your cat is used to being rested in a harness, then feel free to wear a double set of harness + leash!

We wish all cats and owners a happy new year!

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