Purebred vs. Mixed Breed Cats – Advantages and Disadvantages

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So you have decided to get a cat, but have you decided whether to choose a purebred cat with a pedigree or a mixed breed? They have become very different in recent decades, and now is a very fun time to choose a unique breed that suits you and your family’s lifestyle. Breeders have had the opportunity to “improve” purebred cats and even create new breeds with interesting colors and characteristics, such as serengeti, with a coat reminiscent of a feral cat.

Choosing a cat can be quite difficult, even scary at times, but do not worry, use our catalog of cat breeds to make it easier. You can compare lots of different races, see pictures and read about their personalities and character traits.

Here are some pros and cons of both purebred cats and regular domestic cats to help you decide.

Purebred cats

There are an incredible number of breeds to choose from, and they all have specific looks and personalities. If you know what you want your cat to look like and want to be able to predict how he will behave, you can pretty quickly limit yourself to a few breeds.

All purebred cats have a couple of different coat colors and patterns – colourpoint, tabby and turtle are the most common. Use our breed catalog to go through the different cat breeds and see which fur variants are available.

If you want to know more about fur types and colors, read this part.

In general, purebred cats are more loving and friendly than mixed breeds, or domestic cats as they are often called. This is because they are selectively bred for certain desirable traits. Over several generations, traits that have been preferred have become more common, and later become part of the breed’s identity.

Choosing a purebred cat reduces the risk of having a cat with problematic behavior. If it’s an adult cat, you can probably get an idea of ​​her personality before you decide, and if she’s a kitten, you can often meet both parents to see how they are.

The only downside to a purebred cat is the cost. Purebred cats with pedigrees can be very expensive, but it is important to realize that it can sometimes be worth spending this money, and that the cost is relatively low compared to how much it costs to care for a cat. If you think it is too expensive, you can consider adopting a purebred cat or kitten who has had a previous home.

Domestic cats

Domestic cats, or mixed breed cats, come in all sizes, colors and shapes.

You can have an incredibly beautiful cat with amazing colors and patterns that is still a mixed breed. This can make the decision of which cat to choose as difficult as deciding whether to get a mixed breed from the beginning.

A clear reason to get a domestic cat is the reduced risk of health problems. The variation in their genetics means that they tend to be healthier, stronger and more intelligent than their purebred cousins.

Of course, some mixed breed cats can suffer from diseases, and some purebred cats will live a whole life without diseases, but statistically speaking, the risk will be less in mixed breed cats.

Domestic cats are usually better than outdoor cats than purebred cats. Because they are more intelligent and stronger, they are more likely to be confident enough to enjoy being out most of the day.

Mixed breed cats also have a longer life expectancy than breed cats, but that does not mean that both can not live long and happy lives.

The disadvantage of mixed breeds is that they are more erratic than purebred cats.

Due to their broad gene pool, all kittens in a litter will have different temperaments.

This can mean that a kitten can grow up to be a very angry and aggressive cat even though both parents are calm and friendly.

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