I just bought a kitten, a boy, 12 weeks old, but I doubt he is 12 weeks old, because he is small, weak, eats poorly and has diarrhea.

I’ve had him for a week now and he’s had diarrhea all along. He paws on the floor after he has pooped, it looks like it stings / itches, I try to take him and wash him immediately.

He was taken right the second day after I got him, he eats badly himself, so I put in Forte Fiora and Recouver, but he’s cute and I think he would have had to be with his mother for a few more weeks or it’s something else wrong.

He sleeps 23 hours / day. Do not want to play, doesn’t have the strength.

However, he was mischievous the first day. He is otherwise well, looks more alert in the eyes, has more stamina and growls loudly and wants to be close, close.

I’m a little worried sometimes when he sits up, because it looks like he does not have the strength to hold his own head up properly.

He also seems to have a little difficulty with the orientation sometimes.

Can you give me advice on what I should best feed him with?

I have bought a can of food, from a vet, with nutritious food, today I will buy carrot puree and some fish balls and see if it attracts, but he seems to want to be fed, can I start by buying milk substitute and give him a bottle? Is it good for him?

I have three adult cats at home, but he has to come with me to work, as he is so small.

There are no problems with the other kittens, but it was many years ago I had such a small kitty, so helpless.

Grateful for all the good advice.

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022