Hey! My kitten (18 weeks) had a tragic accident this week. We found him and then he could not stand on his hind legs. X-rays showed that he had broken his back in two places.

The veterinarian consulted with more veterinarians about his situation and whether it was possible to save him. He was allowed to stay one night at the animal hospital for observation and pain relief.

He was lucky as he does not show any neurological damage and stands on all four legs and touches his tail. He also lifts his legs in the correct order.

Now he is home again and has a strict cage rest for three weeks. Wilson as my cat is called feels good under the circumstances but it is of course very tough for him to sit in a cage… We let him lie between us in bed and in an armchair.

He stays very calm and sleeps a lot. Fractures are on vertebrae L5 and L6.

My question is:

Is there anything else we can do for his rehabilitation?

Similar examples?

How are cats often affected / affected by back fractures?

Will they be completely restored?

Grateful for answers!

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022