We in my family are considering getting a cat.

We have the opportunity to get a kitten from a couple of acquaintances.

I have tried to read a lot of cat books, but still have some questions.

1. Should we get a cat even though my husband and I have hay fever respectively a little eczema? (The children are completely allergy-free though!).

I have checked with doctors and they claim that it is OK, ie. as great a risk as for most. We spend time with cats in the summers and have not noticed anything special.

2. Can a kitten handle being left alone for a couple of hours every morning when we work and are at school (approx. 9-13)?

3. Since this is a normal domestic cat raised in a family with children, I do not know if it will be vaccinated, should we do it immediately when we pick up the cat?

4. We prefer a male cat, how do you know it is a male?

5. How does the kitten know that it will use a claw tree and the litter box at home?

6. Should you comb and brush the cat every day, even if it is a short-haired domestic cat? Do you need to cut the claws on it? (We will definitely have it as an indoor cat!) How early should you teach it to wear a leash, when can you start going out with it?

7. Do kittens need any special extra vitamins?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022