In most cat books, there is a lot about how to treat the cat once it comes home.

I did not take all the precautions too seriously, do you think she was harmed by it?

My cat is seven months old, should I contact a doctor about castration / birth control pills now?

Is it common for a cat to get cancer and other contraceptive pills and what would you recommend?

I could not get kittens like they are today, but I might want one in the future.

When does a cat get too old to mate?

I give my cat dry food and water, once a week she might get a can of canned food, is that wrong, should she have other food more often?

Should you vary the dry food or can you have the same variety all the time?

What flavor would you recommend? I give her new water every day!

My cat is a mix between long-haired and short-haired, how often does she have to be brushed and how can you get her used to it?

When you play with the cat, you can be too eager and scare her and what does she look like then?

Can you recommend a good cat book? If I’m a girl, am I a mistress or a master?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022