Our cat had pups the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Long and protracted delivery where three pups came with the butt first.

Many hours between the kids, except for the two in the middle who came almost at the same time.

The other of them came out and had a long wound from the tail and up the back and can not touch the hind legs.

Absolutely sure it was over, we called the animal hospital but they thought it could be swollen and therefore could not touch the legs.

We went in yesterday, Sunday, and showed the kitten to the vet and were absolutely sure that it was all over again….

But they thought we should take saline and wash, wash and wash the wound and that they thought there were reflexes.

We have not seen any reflexes… the wound has improved, however, crust begins to form… but no movement in the hind legs….

What should we do?

Struggle and believe that there is hope or put it to sleep?

We did not get painkillers…


Grateful for any answers!

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022