Hey there!

I have a 14-year-old cat who the other day had a lot of pain on one side between his hind legs and front legs.

As soon as I grabbed her she screamed and growled.

I cut her hair and she had a big open wound.

I rubbed some alcohol in it and put on a bandage for a day.

Now there is a bump on the other side that has already grown 5 cm in circumference approximately. She does not seem to be in pain when I feel it.

She eats and walks on the box, but she basically sleeps all day and moves slowly.

She is also very lean, even though she eats well.

It can also be felt on the crust she has after the other day, that a bump grows underneath, but not so big.

I suspect cancer… the lumps seem to grow extremely fast.

Could the wound she had be a lump that has burst?

What do you think?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022