We bought two kittens about two weeks ago.

When we got them, we quickly discovered that something was wrong, because they had diarrhea and many of the times both refused to go to the box.

They hid and pooped instead behind our bathtub.

We found out pretty quickly that both had worms and dewormed them with Milbemax deworming for kittens.

We gave them each half of a tablet as we considered that they did not weigh more than 0.5 kg.

We also started giving them a gentle diet in the form of boiled rice mixed with boiled cod and the stools almost immediately started to become firmer.

When five days had passed and they had solid stools, we started mixing rice and dry food, but they only picked out the dry food and ate it.

Our one male cat is still sneezing and coughing and the diarrhea came back quickly as soon as they ingested regular dry food.

Now they barely have time to go to the toilet because they are dripping and one of them has already started walking behind the bathtub again.

Is it because they only ate the dry food and did not gradually switch from the shoe diet to dry food or could it be that they still have a worm left in their stomach?

Should they be dewormed again or should we wait?

We were going to start giving them only simple food to digest again.

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022