My cat is starting to get older now (about 12-14 years) and I have during the last 1-2 years discovered that her fur has become thinner.

Now she has also got a spot on her abdomen where it is only fluffy and not fur-covered like the rest of the body.

She is dewormed, behaves just as usual, no pain or itching and when I mentioned this at the last vaccination (about 4 months ago) I would not worry.
(But did not get any suggestion for a possible cause for the thinner coat?)

Is it common for older cats to become thinner in the coat and “bald” on the stomach?
Or is this something I should ask our veterinarian to check a little more closely?
If she now gets thinner, I should ex. arrange a sweater or similar if she freezes?
Would a supplement or similar be recommended to a sterilized senior?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022