We now have three cats. The oldest is 12 years old. When she was eight, we got a new little female. They still do not get along very well with accepting each other.

Now we have taken care of a small male of 12 weeks who was born in a stable and was abandoned by his mother and the family who went on a long vacation. Our old cat manages this very well but our “middle cat” is very scared.

She only dares to eat / sleep on the sofa when the little one is trapped. We try to pair them and pay a lot of attention to the middle cat, but she sticks out through the cat door. She can not sleep on the porch this winter!

What do we do? We love our cats and we have a hard time returning the little male to a lonely life in the stable that now has no horses.

We live out on the countryside and our cats go in and out as they please in our cat hatches.

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022