Yesterday I discovered a lump on my cat on the right side of the cheek that has gotten bigger today!

It is soft & now affects his eye, as the bulge has become larger & the eye thus smaller.

The cat is 14 years old & more lethargic now than usual, eats less than before, minimally, sleeps most of the day & does not want to go out.

He used to care about food, always wanted to go out & occasionally played with the little cat we have. Now he wants nothing!

I can touch the bulge & can press it a little but he does not like that you touch there too much!

Have not found a bite but also could not check very carefully, as he says no!

Could it be an infection?

Any disease?

A bite?

A blow that resulted in blood collection?

He’s not bleeding anywhere.

Since we have two cats, I do not know if he was in the box!

If not better on Monday, of course I have to go to the vet but would like to hear if I can get an answer here!

Grateful for any answers!

I love your website, by the way!

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022