My boyfriend and I are moving in together and already have two adult (neutered) female cats.

The apartment is large and has 2 floors.

The ground floor in a completely open floor plan.

Both our cats are quite “messy” and that makes me a little worried.

My cat (4 years) is very attached to me, likes to hang over my shoulder and sleep in bed with me.

If I get a visit, she hides under the bed and stays there for a while before she dares to come out again.

My idea is to drop my cat upstairs and have her drawer in the bathroom up there.

We’ll take my bed with us and it’s her little safe place so that’s why the thinking goes that way.

Thought to let them sniff at each other through the cages and then let his cat be released downstairs and have his box there.

Am I thinking completely wrong in this reasoning or is it a good plan?

Very grateful for help. Feeling worried!

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022