Last fall, a small skinny cat appeared at my parents’ house.

He was allowed to stay and has now found himself well. However, there are some question marks because my parents have never had a cat before.

Since it is a male cat and outdoor cat, he has now in the spring started to become sexually mature (ie goes on walks, fights, etc.).

I have considered neutering him but he is not home at certain times and because he is an outdoor cat he is not room clean so it’s not just about locking him up.

How to handle this most easily and that the cat should be inside for 24 hours after neutering.

Does he calm down when the females stop running and are home more or do we have to take a chance that he is home when it’s time to go to the vet?

Also wondering how he changes after a castration, reduces the hunting instinct and all neutered male cats become obese?

It’s a stray cat so we do not know how old he is, can we still neuter him?

Since it is probably a so-called. summer cat, can his former “owner” come and claim him back?

Personally, I do not think such people should have animals at all, but what does the law say (if there is one)?

The cat is alert and seems to feel well, but has brown “crusts” in his ears, something that seems to bother him, can this be scabies and how do you treat this?

He gets varied dry food and “canned food”, but how much is enough for an approx. one year old male cat, weighing about three kg.

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022