Hello and thank you for a nice and rich website.

I have had two Korats for 12 years, two brothers from the same litter.

They have been indoor cats all along.

Unfortunately, we had to put one down a few weeks ago.

The remaining brother Poo Wing has been a little worried at times and I guess he feels the change.

He is restless and moans a lot.

I am away all day but come home for an hour at dinner and am home most weekends. They probably enjoyed each other as much as I did both of them.

I am now thinking of potentially buying another cat.

Partly because I like being with them so much, but also because my current cat could get some company.

Is this a good idea and if so, how should I introduce the new kitten at home?

I would also like to ask if you know of any brokers of purebred cats around Manchester in the UK? Very grateful for the answer!

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022