Has had the great fortune to take care of a cat that is claimed to be so troublesome and not room clean – and therefore had to stay outdoors (!) All winter and a little more, despite this it is room clean, but unneutered, once it has come here, but it has spit up worm and I have dewormed first as a routine with axilur and a month later with drontal, ie this time.

How do you know that this is a new worm or can it have so much worm that a cure was not enough?

One of the worms in the feces (dead) was I guess up to half a meter (ball) and then there were also smaller worms the worms it vomited up were alive and one – three cm and about three – five pieces.

The cat is alert, happy, fearless, social, playful and for understandable reasons terribly thirsty for attention and tenderness – room clean if you exclude leather and fur – and I think it is quite “logical” to mark “foreign animals” – so these notes are passed to wind and uff.

How fast do new worms develop if there are leftovers and can you trust commercial fish? It helps to freeze. We have been and vaccinated.

And I helped with a lot of cats at a veterinary clinic but that was at least twenty years ago, so I’ve forgotten most of it.

But I’m a fan of giving medicine – and the cat did not seem to find this particularly troublesome – so I do not think he spat out tablets.

Never before dewormed or anything at all – stupid people who should not have a cat.

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022