Our cat had five cubs on May 28 and now I have some questions:

Our cat is spotted cat (white, gray, yellow) and we think the male is all black. Two of the cubs are black with white paws, two are white with black and yellow spots and one is white with gray and yellow spots; can you know by color who are females resp. males?

We have planned to castrate her and the one of the pups we keep ourselves at the same time, but have heard that they must be eight to ten months before that, can we put our female on birth control pills for that long?

How soon after birth do you have to start with that?

What does it cost?

Does she have to go to the vet and be examined first?

I also wonder if you can guess her age according to the number of cubs she had, she came to us as an adult outdoor cat so we do not know how old she is.

Finally, I wonder what is best to keep, female or male?

As I said, we will castrate both the mother and the young we keep, but is there any “rule” about female – female resp. female – male thriving best together?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022