Last Friday I found a homeless kitten that was approximately 13 weeks old.

We went in with her directly to the animal hospital, and it was a female and weighed a pound. I took her home, and on Saturday morning her eyes were swollen and a lot of yellow fluid came out.

She can barely look at her right eye and the extra eyelid is present all the time in both eyes.

I dewormed her last Saturday with Milbemax.

Today I bought Noviform and eye drops, but there has been no improvement at all.

I’ll call the vet tomorrow morning. But what do you think it could be for something?

And then she has a lot of black / brown in the nose and has lost fur on top of the nose and there is also a little dark brown fur.

What can everything be?

I am so heavenly worried. Thanks!

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022