We have a 1-year-old male cat.

His hind paws have only 3 claws, the 2 middle claws are fused together and the 2 middle pads. The middle claws are so large that it is barely possible to cut them.

I also think he has pain from them, because he hates when you touch the hind paws, which makes it very difficult to cut the claws. I’m also very worried if he’s in pain now.

I notice that he can not pull in the middle claws precisely because they are too big, so it does not take long before you hear the clone touch the floor at every step he takes and I can imagine they are not so nice.

I am very opposed to removing claws on cats but in this case I feel that it might be best for him.

But if you were to do something like that, what are the disadvantages, risks?

And what can something like that go on, in terms of cost?

Or is there something else you could do.

Talked a bit briefly with our vet about it when they struggle to cut the middle claws on the hind paws but did not get much advice from her.

He is my little prince and it hurts in my heart when I think that he may be in pain.

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022