My 4-year-old male cat has poor kidney values.

He became acutely ill with a high fever and was admitted a few days before the examination a month and a half ago and during blood tests elevated kidney values ​​were found and the kidneys were ultrasounded, but the ultrasound did not show any major change.

After this he started eating kidney food and would return on a visit after a few months.

At the re-visit, the values ​​were impaired and the veterinarian therefore prescribed Semintra (1.2 ml per day).

After previously being extremely fond of food, he lost his appetite and he completely refuses kidney food and does not want to taste any other dry food either.

Have bought RC renal on bags and also Hills KD soft food on bags, but he does not touch the food.

Because it is important that he eats, he therefore gets a little of each of the things he likes and I support feeds with Hills AD.

The urine foams when he urinates, so I had to take a urine sample from him after a week or so with Semintran, which showed a sharp increase in protein content.

This with the frothy urine was also something I described to the vet already when he was admitted for investigation.

The seminar does not seem to help, so after leaving urine samples again that showed equally high protein values, he has also been prescribed Fortekor (1/2 tablet per day).

He has now been given seminars for almost three weeks and Fortekor for just over a week.

The urine is still foaming and he should of course be followed up with new samples at the vet.

Have read very positive comments about both of these preparations online, but it seems that they do not work for my pussy.

Wondering therefore;

Are there only these two preparations that can be given to a kidney-sick cat for protein loss in the urine, or is there an alternative?

Do you usually give an appetite stimulant when they do not want to eat / do not eat the special diet?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022