My neutered male cat of almost 11 years has got lumps and vomit.

It started with a wound on the front leg that healed, but the bulge grew. He has had this for approx. 1 year.

Now he has the whole front leg with small lumps It has also now spread to other parts, the whole side of the face, the other front leg and a few on the body.

There are different sizes that also seem to grow.

Now he has got one at the bottom of the eye that makes it flow sometimes and he seems to have problems with it.

He vomits daily, but eats and drinks. I think he also urinates less often.

He has been both indoors and outdoors and is sorry not to be outside, but I want him under supervision.

Do you know what this may be due to or what is best for the cat?


The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022