I have a Persian male who is approximately ten months old.

I’ll get two cat friends for him so he does not have to walk alone during the day.

Both are Persian cats, one is ten weeks old and the other is a three-year-old neutered.

What I wonder is if it is really appropriate to bring an adult male into my Atlas “territory”.

I really want this cat as it is suitable for show and is one of the nicest and coziest cats I have seen. Do you think there will be a lot of quarrels between them?

The adult cat is very calm and affectionate and the breeder says that he usually does well with most cats.

But the problem is precisely that my Atlas has not seen a single animal since he left the breeder at ten weeks of age.

I really want it to work with the new cats.

Would like tips that can facilitate the “merging”?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022