How happy I was when I found you!

I’m currently a desperate cat parent due to my oldest cat, Raisin (because she is so sweet and full of energy) has disappeared.

Raisin is two years old and last year had a litter of cubs, of which I kept a female, Cajsa. Raisin was castrated when the young kittens had grown up.

Two weeks ago, it was Cajsa’s turn to become the mother of four cute kittens. Raisin has been very curious about them but have not been allowed to get close to them.

After a few days, Raisin started walking away from Cajsa and milling for her.

From what I could see, Cajsa behaved normally, except that she kept to the kids.

Even though she did not let Raisin get close to them, she still sought contact with Raisin.

Something must have happened because now Raisin has been gone since midsummer evening, and I’m very sad.

It is possible that she has been run over or that the fox has taken her, but I still think that this may have something to do with Cajsa and her cubs.

Raisin is a cool cat and has been away before so I know she’s fine, but will she come back? If not now when the kids are out of the house?

Can I do something to lure her back, for example, have the kids in the basement instead of like now, studying right beside the front door?

Is this a common behavior in cats when the “family picture” changes?

Do I dare to hope to see Raisin again?

Another question: Raisin is a good hunter and not many mice are safe for her.

Since giving birth, however, she has seldom taken any prey and kept it to herself, but always called on Cajsa.

When does a cat cease to be the mother of its adult pup?

Is the maternal instinct still there after one year?

Can add that both are ordinary “farm cats”.

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022