My cat has had problems with his ears.

I have been to the vet several times.

They cultivated and checked and even cleaned properly when she was anesthetized.

It was not scabies but just dirty.

I was going to wash with oroclean for a month, it became epi-otic (same as ortoclean apparently) it did not get better after a month but she became very scared of me instead.

She is very sensitive about her ears and she hates it more than anything so I have really had to fight and hold her around in a blanket even though she screamed, clawed and hated me.

I went back to the vet and they said that yes there was a small minimal yeast in the ears so I would test with Locoid 1.0% for a week but it did not get better so now they have put her to sleep more superficially once and go through the whole the ears.

What they found was plenty of wax.

Now I will leave the ears for a week then start washing again once a week with orthoclean.

She’s having such a hard time.

And I can not even lift her up now because then she screams (she thinks I am about to clean her ears) I can not come with a sweater in hand or blanket then she panics completely.

I feel bad that it happened that way.

I will go abroad for a week for a longer period and then I will have someone to take care of them.

I had hoped it would be good until I struggled.

Do you have any tips and advice for me?

What should I do?

Is there anything else I can do other than dripping in the ears?

I do not want her to be afraid of me

Thankful for a quick response.

I love your site! So many good replies!

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