We have a female cat, Stella, who is four years old.

We have been thinking about getting another cat.

What we worry about is how Stella would feel about a new cat.

She was the least in her litter and her siblings were not really kind to her.

In her first year of life, she was a little shy and worried at the slightest noise.

Now she is happy to play and cuddle with us and with the people she knows well.

She is very reserved when unknown people come, but when she has gotten to know them, she can fool around and cuddle with them as well.

My sister bought a little male cat, Guiness. She took him home with us so that the cats could meet. Stella was not at all happy that Guinness had come there.

We did not leave the cats alone but watched them all the time and they were only allowed to meet for 10 minutes.

If we now get another cat, how should this cat be introduced into the family?

Should it be a male or female cat?

Should the cats have a food bowl / box each or can they share?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022