I am in despair today, my indoor cat Sara (neutered female cat) that I usually drop off at my parents’ house in the country has not come back and been away for two days.

Sara is five years old and always comes back when we release her.

However, it has happened that in recent times we have had to look for her a little when we are going home.

But she has always been under one of the nearest houses and we have been able to attract her.

There is no storage that she has been able to go into as my parents live in a summer cottage area and no summer guests have been there during the weekend.

I have also handed out notes to all conceivable winter neighbors.

My questions are of course I have been looking for hours. Is there any idea to keep looking?

Could it be that she is so afraid of something that she does not dare to come forward when we shout, which I think she should do because I am so close to her and we communicate quite well?

How large a radius can she possibly be in?

If no one else gives her food, is there a possibility that she will come forward if she becomes very hungry for food?

Can a cat lie hidden until it basically dies just because it is so scared?

Are there other dangers e.g. other animals that may have caught her?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022