We have two neutered 5.5 year old cats.

Purchased from a cat association that helps homeless cats.

One cat was found in a forest and the other cat picked up the association on the street.

Both met with a support family and liked each other a lot.

We bought both when they were kittens when we got them home safely.

We go to the vet every year and they eat Royal canin neutered Young female 55g per day.

The cats are very happy with food and they always growl a lot and want more.

They gain weight easily.

So they get more dry food, they just want more and in the end they have gained weight.

They meow during the day, they meow at night.

There is always someone at home with the cats, which means that there is always someone you can go and yell at.

Please help us, we feel sorry for the cats and it’s hard to see them.

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022