I have found two orphaned kittens, their mother is probably dead. I think the mother was a Norwegian Forest Cat.

The kittens are about three weeks old (I have had them for five days) and they can walk quite well.

My big sister and I feed them with a pencil syringe, we have an animal nap bottle but they usually only bite on it so there is no milk (although sometimes it works). They receive infant formula (for the first week).

One has pooped himself once, but they are loose in the stomach all the time.

My dad thinks it’s because they’ve not had food in a while, is that so?

Both weigh about 200 grams, is that a fair weight for them?

We’ll keep one but we’ll have both for now.

When I start school on 21/8, they get lonely sometimes, because I think we should keep both until they get big enough to be alone for about six hours a day.

When are they big enough to be completely alone without each other for six hours?

When can they eat regular cat food, how often and what?

Do I have to vaccinate and deworm the one I have to keep if it is to become an indoor cat?

How do I teach them to go and poop on the litter box?

What kind of bedding is best?

Where to buy cat mint?

What kinds of plants can you have for them to eat?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022